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The Class of 2017 Moves In! Bike racks are all occupied. Lines are a tiny bit longer again to royal vegas online casino review have food. Books are being purchased. Tools are put away and summer time construction has dwindled down (well, nearly all of it). Cars filled up with boxes of garments and school materials are being directed around campus to halls that are residential. Going carts, student ID cards, and last minute trips to Target; folks, it’s officially Move-In time.
As I had been walking the campus to take some images, I became overrun by the vitality associated with campus. Often we forget that I work at a university campus filled with dreamers, innovators, and future leaders that are global. I found myself just taking all of it in while smiling at students and parents I have never met before. ( It could were only a little weird, but hey, I became caught in a minute). Suddenly, I wished to travel back in its history, get back once again to college and experience this all over again!
Yesterday early morning, I saw the look of excitement and awe on the faces of first-year students as they were entering their dorms for the very first time. Subsequently, I sensed a great quantity of pride and a bit of hesitation from parents because they struggled to allow their young ones go. It is obvious that this moment is a milestone in every of these lives. Students look ahead to their next four years at USC and wonder at all of the opportunities it could bring, while parents feel a feeling of ac (mais…)