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Exactly How Will HS Transfer Impact Our Transcript? I’ve question how universities will look within my transcript. we relocated from a senior school that offers a lot of APs and weighted grading to a school with hardly any APs that does NOT weight grades. How will universities examine my transcript since half it features a lot of APs and an average that is weighted however the second half makes it seem like I took one step straight back in rigor and there is no weighted GPA?

First the great news: Admission officials are used to taking a ‘mix-and-match’ method of assessing prospects. They often see applications from students that have moved customessaywritingly from a single highschool to another — or even from a nation to some other — so grading systems, course offerings, etc. can seem away from sync. The admission folks definitely won’t see your program options at your brand new school as showing a step back in rigor if the tougher classes simply weren’t available.

The bad news, but, is — in the event your current school combines your old transcript along with your new one — you may lose some GPA points. For example, let’s say that you took three AP classes at your previous school and earned a B (3.0) in every one of them. But, because that school did weight grades, those B’s could have become computed into your GPA as A’s (4.0). But, then, as your school that is new does weight grades, your GPA might be recalculated employing a 3.0 for your AP class B’s. And if that’s the situation, you’ll see a dip in your cumulative GPA. (mais…)