Therefore, wedding migration from Russia to European countries is an extremely phenomenon that is common.

Such appeal of this migration direction is due to a few facets. The initial, the proximity that is geographical of nations. The 2nd nearly complete absence or poor language obstacles, as young ones in Russia chaturbt start to discover the key European languages (English, German, French, and Spanish) in school. The 3rd, long-lasting socio-cultural relations between Russia and countries in europe and comparable social traditions, which, regarding the one hand, facilitates mutual understanding between individuals producing a fresh family members, as well as on one other hand — simplifies the adaptation and integration of this Russian wife within the host culture.

The next popular vector of wedding migration from Russia could be the Asian direction.

it really is fairly brand brand new, but as a result of geopolitical transformations of recent past, plus the increasing interest of Russians in Asian tradition, its attractiveness together with level of migration will increase. The flow of migrants to China and Korea is the most numerous in this direction.

There are many good reasons for the rise in popularity of wedding migration to Asia as a type of moving.

First, the policy that is demographic in Asia for several years and aimed to reducing the populace has resulted in a razor-sharp sex instability in the united states. 120 males had been created for 100 girls into the belated 1980. Consequently, nowadays brides are “not enough” for several people that are young. They have been obligated to seek spouses abroad. Next, the Slavic kind of appearance is recognized in China as really appealing. Russian spouse is known as become extremely prestigious.

At the time that is same wedding migration to Asia, unlike migration to countries in europe, is related to much more serious difficulties and obstacles. (mais…)