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I distinctly remember that for me it happened when I have found myself completely absorbed in my activity when the satisfaction of holding a razor-sharp best wood carving knife has once met the contentment of seeing what I have managed to create with only my best carving knife and my own hands. • Etsy. I share information with Etsy as necessary to provide you my services and comply with my obligations under both the Etsy Seller Policy and Etsy Terms of Use. • as necessary for the purpose of my legitimate interests, if those legitimate interests are not overridden by your rights or interests, such as 1) providing and improving my services. I use your information to provide the services you requested and in my legitimate interest toimprove my services; and 2) Compliance with the Etsy Seller Policy and Terms of Use.

Of course, you have had an idea in your mind what you’ll carve with your best wood carving tools, you may even have a design of your future creation, but it happens even to the professional woodworkers that it doesn’t come out as it was expected. It is always like that with the wood carving wood might be too hard or too soft and sudden strokes may result in damage.

We all enjoy woodcarving and it unites us. is the name of inexpensive, professional tool designed taking into account the wishes of carvers from all over the world.

I bought them from Deepwoods Ventures, as the wait wasn’t as long as for Pinewood Forge. Good polished blades that cut great. They are very long. So long that you barely have control over the figure strokes.

Chip Carving Set Whittle Knife Set with Accessories Wood Carving Knives Tools Knife Set Whittling Knives by BeaverCraft S15

I am very pleased with everything I bought from them. I bought 4 different spoon knives and they all arrived shaving sharp and polished. I haven’t used the long handled kuksa knives yet but the others have all held their edge well. The spoon knife strop and sharpener is a clever design.

Wood Carving Knives Set spoon knife spoon carving set TOP GIFT:) present spoon carving knife whittling hooked knife BeaverCraft OFFICIAL S13

And if you can’t sharpen it or figure it out yourself, do you have someone who can/will fix it for you? I used to get a lot of practice trying to make those $12 Harbor Freight carving tools actually cut. New carvers would buy these and think they got a great deal, but I generally spent 2-3 hours grinding them down and getting them to carve. I finally quit volunteering to fix them because I ended up with more time and money in them than the guy that bought them, and they were still bad tools! I recently bought some Helvie economy model knives for beginners to use.

That’s why we managed to set up our own company called BeaverCraft, and in the latter 2014 we hit the market.

Morakniv knives are still great whittling tools I, myself, even own one, it was my wife’s present and, in fact it was my first wood carving chisel. I just believe that among other wood carving tools for sale it was specifically designed to be best wood carving knife for doing the rough job and not precise figure carving. I came across BeaverCraft best wood carving tools for beginners when looking for new whittling tools to add to my toolbox. Among the wood carving tools amazon offered BeaverCraft’s knives seemed to be a decent deal, being a good value for the money. The reviewers were praising these whittling tools and I took a chance that I never got to regret and bought one.

We all enjoy woodcarving and it unites us. BeaverCraft is the name of inexpensive, professional tool designed taking into account the wishes of carvers from all over the world. Every day we improve our skills in producing woodcarving tools. First and foremost, we do it thanks to you – our customers.


Etsy may send you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings. To start with, we’ve been looking for high-quality woodcarving tools for quite some time. The situation didn’t fit our needs at all, either the products were too expensive and the quality was low or it was the complete opposite, we hit on the great quality items for the huge price. So we didn’t meet with the success in finding the appropriate products, for which the price corresponded the quality.


They were happy to help with the best solutions for the skills and budget of their customers. After a few years they came to the conclusion that they were able to provide more suitable tools for their customers if they manufactured their own range of tools.

They are $27 and available in a variety of handle styles, and blade lengths and styles. And they cut great right out of the box and only need stropping to remain that way. beavercraft s13 I was looking for some additional spoon knives to go with my Pinewood Forge knife, but I decided to skip these and just purchased some blades to mount in my own handles.


This Privacy Policy describes how and when I collect, use, and share information when you purchase an item from me, contact me, or otherwise use my services through or its related sites and services. The wood carving bench knife is used for different wood carving projects. They look fine a bit generic so not sure if you’ll come across a user. One thing I have heard is that the morakniv spoon knives aren’t that great, unlike the carving knives.

Therefore, it becomes easier to accidentally ruin your work with a wrong move. You might try to keep your hand closer to the blade to shorten the knife this way, but it’s dangerous and I don’t think this option in wood carving tools beginner might appreciate. Beaver Craft Tools has a long history of the distribution of wood craft tools and accessories. They distributed all the major brands of carving tools to the carving community, both professional and beginners in the Ukraine and beyond.

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