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How come Gay Guys Have an elevated Chance Of HIV?

In america, homosexual males have reached a disproportionately high threat of getting HIV and A >? ? Why are homosexual guys almost certainly going to get HIV?

There are numerous explanations why homosexual and bisexual guys have reached greater risk of HIV than their right counterparts. A few of the reasons are biological. Certain kinds of sex are more inclined to transfer HIV than the others. ? ? Other reasons mirror social realities about how precisely males who possess intercourse with males (MSM) are now living in the globe as they are addressed by culture.

Exactly How Biology Escalates The HIV Threat Of MSM

Not all the men that are gay anal intercourse. Nonetheless, anal intercourse is amongst the reasons that are main gay males have actually greater prices of HIV. ? ?

Boffins have actually approximated that the HIV that is average transmission during rectal intercourse is 18 times more than the price during genital sexual intercourse. (mais…)